About us

The Baisao, a newly renovated 150-year-old farm house, is located in the center of Noto peninsula, Ishikawa pref., surrounded by Satoyama mountain landscape and an abundance of clear, fresh water.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Noto and its rich culture through a sensory journey that will awaken all five of your senses. Feel the good vibes and connect with nature as you explore this magical place like never before.

We provide special times here at Baisao, where people and nature harmonize and unite.

Enjoy our vegan “slow food” cooked in traditional ways with organic ingredients. Health is wealth!

Our old farmhouse, “Kominka”, stays cool in summer, and wraps you in warmth through winter with our wood-fired masonry stove, handcrafted during the renovation.

※Sorry. No smoking is permitted in the property.